35% of an Acre/ 35% 英亩

I liked the garden space.  During 5 years in Chinese apartments, I forgot gardening. But when we returned to USA in a house with a yard, my gardening genes got going again. Our postage stamp yard and the neighborhood rules didn’t allow much gardening, so we looked for a place with more space. And while I was on that June-July trip in China, Vickie found this.
[Thank you, Zhang Feixiong, for the translation:]
我喜欢这个菜园子。 在中国住公寓的5年时间里,我忘记了园艺。但是当我们回到美国,住在有院子的房子里的时候, 我的园艺基因苏醒了。我们邮票一样小的院子和邻里的规定导致不能进行很多的园艺, 所以我们在寻找拥有更大空间的地方。当6、7月份我还在中国旅行的时候, Vickie 找到了这个地方。


David, I’m trying to call you! “大卫,我想和你通话”

Vickie’s text buzzed my cell phone.  I got to my computer, turned on Skype, and heard, “I found our house!”

We have been looking at houses together for 3 years, so we understand what we want.  She sent pictures, and I said, “Get it!”  I returned from China on Saturday, and on Monday we signed papers.

[Thank you, Paul, for translating!]



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