We squeezed in furniture. 我们挤在家具。

These pieces never before stood so close together. 这些作品从未如此接近站在一起。

Among the furniture we stacked boxes of pots and pans and dishes.  在我们的家具叠锅碗瓢盆和餐具盒。


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5 Responses to We squeezed in furniture. 我们挤在家具。

  1. Amy says:

    DearDavid &Viekie, Thank you for showing me around your new house! It is amazing!The layout of your furniture looks a lit bit like here in the Chinese home, confined in a limited space, but you have so huge a house, while we Chinese have a polar different story. So my interpretation of the above pictures may be ” the effect of your Chinese emotion knot” (中国情结)

  2. Peggy Hoff says:

    Where you found your new house? Sunny South, I think?

  3. I’ve just nominated you for the liebster award!

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