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We squeezed in furniture. 我们挤在家具。

These pieces never before stood so close together. 这些作品从未如此接近站在一起。

Among the furniture we stacked boxes of pots and pans and dishes.  在我们的家具叠锅碗瓢盆和餐具盒。



Then we did the kitchen, dining room, hallway, and four closets. 然后我们做了厨房,饭厅,走廊,和四个壁柜。

Vickie’s “Designer Closet.” — Vickie 的 “设计师衣柜”

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We put grout in the cracks & sealed it. 我们把裂缝灌浆和封了。


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Add more tile. 添加更多的瓷砖

Wink After due consideration, Vickie agreed, and I like it with more pieces, too.  经考虑后,维基同意了,我也喜欢用更片了。

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Vickie laid out the tile in a diamond pattern. 维基奠定了一个菱形图案瓷砖。

Gary Endermann suggested:  “Davy, personally, I would have used, more tile in that one room but if you like one line of tile down and one across intersecting in the middle like that, then oh well, so be it.  Seems like it would be a bit lumpy for walking. just don’t carry no full coffee mugs while navigating the terrain. I’m just sayin’ ya know.”
[from dictionary, needs improving please] 加里Endermann 建议: “戴维,我个人会用, 在这一个房间变得更加瓷砖,但如果你喜欢一个瓷砖下线和跨越, 在这样的一个中间相交, 然后哦,所以它像它似乎。 将是一个走路有点凹凸不平。 只是不进行充分的咖啡杯没有在浏览的地形。 我只是在说‘你知道。”

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Here Comes the Tile 下面就是我们的瓷砖

In Pensacola we found tile we liked for 60 cents a square foot.  We stacked the boxes of tile in the hallway and set up the saw in the dining room. [字典翻译improve it please]:在彭萨科拉,我们发现我们为60美分瓷砖每平方英尺的喜爱。  我们堆放在走廊瓷砖箱设置在餐厅的锯。
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The Disney wallpaper had to go. 迪斯尼壁纸?它不得不离开了。

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We ripped out the carpet / 我们拔除了地毯

Vickie declared, “It stinks!”

The carpet looked yucky.  Dog hair covered almost everything.  A dog scratched holes in the drywall and paint off doors and trim.  The kitchen range was chipped.  The fridge was gone.  The louvered blinds were broken into several pieces.  Some faucets and one toilet leaked.

These problems may have turned buyers away and lowered the price, but we have fixed things like these — so we jumped on it.




这些问题之所以变成了买主,降低了价格,但我们有固定喜欢这些东西 – 所以我们在上面跳了下去。

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The Price Is Nice / 价格是好

In three years we seriously considered three houses:

* House #1 — the deal fell through.
* House #2 — we lived in for two years.
* House #3 — is 1/3 the price of the first house.

[dictionary translation, but Pascal will improve it]


*#3楼–是 1 / 3 的第一房价。